Kindergarten Students Learn About Community Helpers

North Washington Kindergarten classes had a great time learning about Community Helpers last week. Here are some pictures from their visits with our school Nurse, Amanda Mattingly, who taught hand washing lessons, and Lexington firefighter, Kevin Bobblett, who explained the role that firefighters play in the community.  Thank you to all the community helpers who made these lessons come to life for our students.                 


4th Grade Science

Mrs. Roution’s 4th Grade Science classes have been hard at work preparing for their solar oven activity. Students tested surface areas, surface temperatures, and which color would best absorb the heat so they could put the finishing touches on their ovens.           


Students create newspaper ads

After reading Nate the Great, an RTI group in Mrs. White’s 2nd Grade class created newspaper ads featuring Nate the detective. They worked hard as authors and illustrators, and they even used compound words. This fun activity was led by student teacher, Ms. Amy Harmon!


North Washington Art

All North Washington students have been painting rocks as part of a school beautification project.  The rocks are being placed in the landscaping near the front of the school.  Here is a preview of some of the colorful creations!                   


Student Selfies

The middle school halls at North Washington look a lot brighter thanks to Mrs. Devine and her 8th grade students!  They took selfies and then added character traits to describe themselves in creating their self-portraits.  Check out some of their beautiful artwork below.                       


Solar Eclipse Safety Eyewear Disclaimer

The participation and use of glasses during the eclipse is at your own discretion. Please educate yourself and your family regarding the dangers of the eclipse and use personal judgement on the participation of events. WCSD is not endorsing the participation or the actions during the participation of the eclipse.


Solar Eclipse and Eye Safety Information

The following is pertinent information on eye safety and precautions with regard to the upcoming total solar eclipse from the Commissioner at the Kentucky Department of Education on behalf of the Kentucky Department for Public Health. A video discussing this topic is also available at the link here:


Calendar Change!

All schools in the Washington County School District will be closed on Monday, August 21, 2017, due to the anticipated total solar eclipse. This decision has been made so that parents and families can make the decision of where and how to view the eclipse safely. Washington County School District believes that while it is a very educational experience, ensuring the complete protection of each student viewing the eclipse in…