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Wind Chill Letter

Bus Routes

Bus # Driver Route
32 Brandon Baker St. Rose-Lebanon Rd., Smith Ln., Blandford Ln., Hickory Camp, Old E-Town Rd., Maker’s Mark Rd., Loretto Rd., Cissellville Rd., Lanham Rd., Johnston Rd., Manton Rd. to Hwy. 152
33 Ray Hagan Spaulding Ln., Thurman Ln., Lincoln Park Rd., Beechland Rd. to To Bloomfield Rd. then back to Springfield.  Also Hwy 150 to Jimtown Rd.
34 Karen Royalty Baker Rd., Tatum Rd., Fairview, Lick Skillet, Royalty Rd.,  Hwy. 53 (NWES)
35 Bobbi Burns Short Creek, Newton Rd., Cissellville Rd., Hwy. 150, F-Town Rd., Keeneland Dr., Rosary Heights
36 Leland Turner Hwy152, Kelly Shop Rd., Hwy 555, Hillsboro Ln., Mayes Creek,Hwy. 433, Tick Creek Rd., Main Street in Mackville
37 John McDaniel Montgomery Ln., Polin Rd., Tatum, Terrell Rd., Brushgrove Rd.,Chaplin Rd., Hwy 555, Gordon Ford Rd. to NWES
38 Larry Carney Bloomfield Rd., Valley Hill Rd., Tucker Ln., Midway Ln., Mt. Zion Rd., Maud and Hilltop
39 Murray Walker Jr. Hwy. 55, Old Lebanon Rd., Booker Rd., McClain Rd.,  St. Rose-Lebanon Rd., Mackville Rd. to Tick Creek, Claybrooke Ln and Hilltop (AM)
40 Judy Pinkston Hwy 150, Croak Station Rd., Bearwallow Rd., Cane Run Rd., Connor Rd
41 Bonnie Bond Baker Ridge Rd., Glenn’s Creek, Battle, Cardwell, Tablow Rd., Isham Rd., Hwy 433 to NWES
42 Lynden Turner Hwy 152, Hwy 422, Deep Creek, Windy Way, Hwy 150, Mackville-Texas Rd., John Russell Rd., and Main St. Mackville
43 Bobby Russell Harrodsburg Rd., East Fork, Battle, Whitehall, Glenn’s Creek, Hwy 433, Scruggs Ln., Coulter Ln., (NWES)
44 Rick Buege Perry Loop, Pottsville Rd. Wesley Chapel Rd., Silverton Hill Rd., Hwy 150, Beech Ln., Beech Grove, Long Run Rd. Russell Ln.
45 Harold Chesser Mt. Zion Rd., Brush Grove Rd., Chaplin Rd., Hwy 53 to NWES Take High School students from NWES to WCHS
46 Sue Blair Logan Rd., Hwy 150, Shortline, Simmstown, Jimtown, Hilltop for WCHS
47 Sherry Speakman Hwy. 53, Old Sharpsville Rd., Seaville Rd., Sulphur Lick, Mt. Freedom, Rockbridge (NWES)
48 Ike Thompson Hwy 555, Pleasant Grove, Beechland, Hardesty, Hwy 433, Hwy 53, Haydon Bro. Ln., take NWES to WCHS
49 Pam Chesser Mt. Zion Rd. to Grigsby Ln., Hayes Ln. to Polin Rd. to Hwy. 555 on to Hwy 53 to NWES, then High School Students To WCHS