WCES Students Enjoy Visit from Derby Museum Staff

WCES students were treated to a special presentation by The Derby Museum outreach program yesterday, which addresses Kentucky’s Academic Expectations and Program of Studies guidelines through programs such as: Racing Colors- Math (Grade K) Thoroughbred Care- Practical Living Skills (Grade 1) Science on the Track-Science (Grade 3-4) Mathin Around the Track- Math (Grade 2) Economics and the Derby- Social Studies (Grade 5) Thank you so much for sharing your information…

Bartley Recorder

Bartley Earns Black Belt in Recorder Karate

Recorder Karate is a highly motivational instrumental method for students.  Students learn and play various songs on recorder.  When a student checks off and plays a song, he or she earns a karate belt for their recorder.  There are nine total belts with the black belt being the highest to earn.  Hunter Bartley has played all nine songs and earned all nine belts.  He was the first person to achieve…


Third Grade Students Explore Lightning Rods

Students in Mrs. Metcalfe’s third grade learned how the lightning rod that Ben Franklin invented will keep structures safe during a lightning storm. In each class small groups built a structure that used a lightning rod and were able to explain how the rod kept it safe. In the end they wrote letters for our Senators to consider passing a law for tall buildings to have lightning rods.  

students use their senses to explore a tortilla

Second Graders Experience Tortillas in a New Way

After reading the legend “The First Tortilla,” students in Mrs. Jenna Smith’s 2nd grade class got to use their senses to explore a real life tortilla.  They had a lot of great describing words about the feel, smell, and taste of the tortilla! Who knew reading could be so much fun?


Fifth Graders are Hard at Work at WCES!

Fifth grade students are hard at work during writer’s workshop.  The students took turns reading their writing.  As one student read, the remaining group members made notes of things the writer did really well, items that could be improved, and questions they still had after hearing the entire piece.  They did a fantastic job providing their peers with constructive feedback!  As part of International Women’s Day, the fifth grade also…