(SPRINGFIELD, Ky.) – Seven teachers in the Washington County School District recently earned micro-credentials. North Washington Elementary/Middle School teachers Erica Baker, Michelle Devine, and Rhoda Whitaker earned their micro-credentials in Cultivating a Growth Mindset. Washington County High School teachers Jennifer Elder, Kim Mattingly and Sarah Raikes earned their micro-credentials in Transformative Collaboration. Washington County Elementary School teacher Rachel Woods earned her micro-credential in Growth Mindset. Micro-credentials are a digital form of competency-based certification. The teachers earned theirs through the district’s partnership with BloomBoard, a digital platform for competency-based professional learning.

NWES Teacher Erica Baker

Erica Baker


NWES Teacher Michelle Devine

Michelle Devine


Elder, an English teacher at WCHS, says earning her micro-credential was a “collaborative experience.” “I had the opportunity to work with amazing teachers in various content areas that I normally wouldn’t have the chance to work with.”

WCHS Teacher Jennifer Elder

Jennifer Elder


WCHS Teacher Sarah Raikes

Sarah Raikes


WCHS Teacher Kim Mattingly

Kim Mattingly


Whitaker, who teaches 6th grade math, science and social studies at NWES, called her experience “positive and informative.” “I want my teaching to focus every day on being committed to growth – both myself and that of my students,” she said. “I know that in doing so, it will take time, effort and the support of all those around us. If I can change one person’s mindset and help them see the benefits of thinking more positively, then I have made huge impacts on my students. In turn, they will see the benefits of their hard work in time. The BloomBoard experience allowed me to dig a little deeper into the growth mindset aspect and allowed me to incorporate activities that help students understand that each person can reach their potential. This experience was enlightening and helped me to gain new information about what a growth mindset means in a classroom.”

NWES Teacher Rhoda Whitaker

Rhoda Whitaker


“There is a great deal of variety in the types of micro-credentials the BloomBoard program offers, as well as an abundance of recommended resources,” says Woods, who teaches 5th grade reading and language arts. “I enjoyed being able to choose credentials that align with professional goals and interests, thereby providing individualized professional development.”

WCES Teacher Rachel Woods

Rachel Woods


“Micro-credentials give our teachers a unique opportunity for personalized job-embedded professional learning focused on mastering skills to improve teaching and learning within the classroom,” says Director Federal and State Program Lee Anne Ater.