(SPRINGFIELD, Ky.) – The Washington County School District has received notification that it has been awarded the Preschool Partnership Grant in the amount of $297,000, according to an announcement from Assistant Superintendent and Director of Special Education, Jason Simpson. According to the Kentucky Department of Education’s website, the grant is designed to incentivize cooperative public/private partnerships between public school districts and child care providers to develop full-day, high-quality programs for at-risk children.

“One of the most beneficial aspects of the Preschool Partnership Grant is that it provides a third adult in our classroom to work one-on-one with students to meet their individual needs and the opportunity to work with our child care provider to offer a high quality Early Childhood program that can service more students in a full day setting,” says Missy Hamilton, a preschool teacher in the district.

“We are very excited to receive this grant award,” says Simpson. “This grant is a partnership between Washington County preschools and Washington County School Based Child Care Centers. It will allow for expanded hours and for our centers to remain open on breaks and during the summer. Part of the grant will focus on continued curriculum development so that skills taught in preschool will be carried over to the childcare center. The additional staffing hired through the grant will provide additional interventions with students on school readiness skills. I am very proud of the work our early childhood educators (preschool and childcare) have done and am excited to be part of the team as they continue to grow services provided to children of our community.”

“We were very grateful when we received word that we have received the grant,” says Washington County Schools Superintendent Dr. J. Robin Cochran. “The supplemental funding infused into our early childhood programs is an immeasurable benefit for all Washington Countians. Research is clear that early intervention and exposure to literacy and exposure to play will result in school readiness. Our goal in Washington County continues to be to provide a quality, comprehensive education and childcare development system for our students from birth to postsecondary. This type of collaborative grant allows for a seamless, systematic approach that reinforces ongoing supports for our community, our families and our children.”