(SPRINGFIELD, Ky.) – Washington County High School has implemented Transition Ready Fridays, a series of five Fridays throughout the 2019-2020 school year which will prepare students for life after high school. Students will learn skills including resume essentials, preparing for job interview, workplace skills, teamwork and problem solving. In other sessions, students will develop life skills through sessions including first aid and CPR, changing a tire, charging a car battery, and dealing with mental health. Students will also explore careers in education, aviation, technology, manufacturing, healthcare and Agri Science and participate in college visits, local industry visits, job shadowing and ACT preparation.
Transition Ready Friday: Charging a Car Battery

“We want to provide all WCHS students with the opportunity to explore and prepare for a successful transition after high school,” says Wayne Stevens, instructional supervisor at WCHS. “Each [Transition Ready Friday] will provide our students the opportunity to visit colleges and local industries, hear from community members about a variety of careers and the skills necessary for occupational success, and the enhancement of both academic and life skills. Our entire faculty and staff are dedicated to making this a tremendous experience for our students.”

Transition Ready Friday - Industry

Malissa Hutchins, principal at WCHS, says the sessions will benefit students in an assortment of ways. “Students will be exposed to various businesses and industries here in Springfield and Washington County,” said Hutchins. “This allows students to see all the difference opportunities available to them, from entry into the workforce upon graduation all the way up to executive positions. Students will also get to visit various college campuses. Exposure to a campus gives students a realistic vision and goal of what it means to become a student of higher education. The life skills that students will be exposed to is also an incredible opportunity for them. Having the ability to jump a car battery or change a tire on their own, among all the other skills they are learning, are skills that every teenager should have! The Commander Ready sessions are about revealing to our students various strategies to help them be more successful on different assessments. It is about helping them be more confident in their skills as a student!”

Transition Ready Friday

“We must provide activities to develop students who are well-rounded and ready to succeed in the next educational setting or career pathway,” says Lee Anne Ater, director of federal and state programs for the WCSD. “The vision for the Transition Ready Fridays is that each and every student continues to develop his or her knowledge, skills and dispositions to be prepared to succeed. We are thankful to our many community volunteers who have agreed to spend their time working with our students at each of these sessions.”