(SPRINGFIELD, Ky.) – The Washington County School District was recently selected by the Kentucky Department of Education to partner on the Formative Assessment Grant project for the 2016-2017 school year. The state’s project grant, which was approved by the Council of Chief State School Officers, will provide a total of $18,000 in teacher stipends to WCSD. The Kentucky Department of Education received the grant based on their proposal to the CCSSO, which had many applicants and gave funds only to those states they believed would progress the work of formative assessment, according to Cherry Boyles, chief academic officer for Washington County Schools. The Kentucky Department of Education based their selection for district partnership on reviews of previous granted project, survey data and network participation.


“Because formative assessment is more about classroom instruction and student engagement than it is about testing, the work is critical to improving student learning opportunities throughout the nation,” said Boyles. “The work which will focus on implementing formative assessment practices in science will give Washington County science teachers the opportunity to implement new tools that improve their feedback to students and their ability to adjust instructional practice when students need differentiated learning opportunities.”


Through this partnership, Washington County will select 12 teachers to participate in the one-year project. The teachers, district staff, instructional coaches and principals will participate in train to use the Formative Assessment Rubrics, Reflection and Observation Practices (FARROP), a tool that focuses on providing detailed feedback to teachers. Teachers will also partner with Kentucky Educational Television (KET) in order to create classroom videos that can be used by other teachers throughout the country.


“The Washington County School District is excited about the opportunity to partner with the Kentucky Department of Education,” says Washington County Schools Superintendent Dr. J. Robin Cochran. “When school districts receive intentional focused support, the opportunity to grow and learn while doing is the same as the formative practices we are designing in the classroom for our students.”