(SPRINGFIELD, Ky.) – Washington County High School will be hosting representatives from several Kentucky colleges for its “College Application Week” November 14-18. The annual event, which is only in its second year, is for juniors and seniors and will be held in the WCHS library. During the sessions each day, students will have the opportunity to listen to a presentation from a college representative, participate in a Q&A session, and apply for the colleges of their choice. Guidance counselor Beth Gooch as well as GEAR UP advisors will be available to assist students with the applications. 13 colleges have signed up to present at this year’s event, up from the 8 that sent representatives last year.

“We are very excited to present this opportunity to the students,” says Gooch. “Our goal is to encourage and assist every student to apply to at least one college. There will be a reception on Friday afternoon for our students who participated.”

WCHS principal Thad Elmore had similar thoughts. “We are excited to bring this opportunity to our students at WCHS and help them explore different post-secondary options for themselves as well as complete their applications to institutions they are interested in,” he said. “It allows them to meet with and work with several college representatives. I feel this interaction allows our students to get a feel for what the school truly has to offer.”