(Springfield, Ky.) – The Washington County School District has been selected as one of the recipients of the Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Grant in the amount of $500,000, according to an announcement from Superintendent Dr. J. Robin Cochran. The program was awarded to the Kentucky Department of Education by the United States Department of Education as a 3-year, $24.9 million grant to support the development of pre-literacy skills, reading and writing. It is designed to create a comprehensive approach to advance literacy in children, including those with limited-English-proficiency and those with disabilities, from birth to grade 12. 200,000 children will be served through the grant, with 14,000 Kentucky teachers and early learning specialists. The WCSD was one of 45 districts to receive the grant.

“Washington County Schools is very pleased to have been selected to receive the Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy grant,” says Chief Academic Officer Cherry Boyles. “It will give us the opportunity to partner with the Kentucky Department of Education as well as with literacy specialists throughout the state. The grant will also provide funding to support a districtwide literacy coach. Because this grant focuses on literacy from birth through grade 12, we are looking forward to developing and implementing an aligned literacy program that will help educators meet the literacy needs of students, families and children in our community.”

“In a time when funding for education is a constant worry, this grant helps to supplement our ongoing efforts toward all students being proficient, lifelong lovers of reading,” says Superintendent Dr. J. Robin Cochran.  “One aspect that I am most proud of with this grant is that it was a team effort. The support, design and buy-in at all levels was evident when planning and writing the grant. When you see community partners, parents, teachers, principals and district staff come together for a common purpose for kids, and then you see that the effort is awarded with funding to implement the design, it is a very exciting and pivotal point for the entire Washington County community!”