Possible COVID-19 Exposure

Washington County Public Schools continues to follow the guidance of the Lincoln Trail Health Department during the COVID-19 pandemic and assist the Lincoln Trail Health Department (LTHD) who conducts appropriate contact tracing.  Anyone who is contacted by LTHD contact tracers or school nurse should work with them and answer any questions they may have.

This webpage has been designed to communicate possible exposure to COVID-19 information to our school staff and families:

When we receive notice of a COVID-19 positive case, we will post below the date and location to inform you of a possible exposure within your child’s school. If you or your child’s location appears on this list but you have not been contacted by the school or Lincoln Trail Health Department, it means you or your child have been possibly exposed but are not considered a close contact and do not need to quarantine.

We will update you with any additional pertinent information as directed by the health department.

As always, continue to monitor yourself and/or your children for illness every day and stay at home if anyone is sick.  Please contact your healthcare provider if you develop symptoms or if you have any additional questions or concerns.

As always, our primary goal is to keep our students safe while also respecting privacy. However, we also want to keep our families informed about how we are addressing issues that arise related to COVID-19.

Thank you and we hope you and your family remain safe.


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