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What is a Non-Traditional School Plan?
In response to the significant number of snow days in recent years, Washington County School District has been granted a Non-Traditional School Days waiver which has been designated for Commander Snow Days. This detailed plan outlines how instruction will be delivered for ALL students during a day when school is not open due to unforeseen circumstances. The plan gives teachers the opportunity to refine their online presence for content delivery and provides hard copy content for those students that may not have access to technology or network resources. The planned result is less loss of instructional time and increased ability to learn new content when school is back in session.

Delivery:  Digital and hard copy material will be available for students on Commander Snow Days through a Commander Day folder and the district website. Folders with lessons #1-5 will be distributed by December 2nd. Please store this folder at home until  the student needs to use it.

Accountability:  Students will be required to complete the tasks assigned during the Commander Snow Day within two days of returning from the Commander Day. Students will submit their work in the district provided  Commander Day blue folder.  That blue folder will then be redistributed to students with material for the next Commander Day lesson. The blue folder should then be stored at home until the next Commander Snow Day is announced.

Support:  Work assigned for Commander Snow Days should be completed independently by students.  Faculty members will be at schools on these days in order to assist with any questions

Time:  Starting in January 2017, when road conditions are hazardous for bus travel but are expected to improve throughout the day, the superintendent may determine the day as a “Commander Snow Day.” Washington County has been approved to use up to 10 snow days as Commander Days.

Content:  Instructions for accessing digital content will be provided to every family.  Student work packets will also be sent home with all students in case online resources are not accessible.  Commander Snow Day work will give students the opportunity to review and apply content from their core classes in order to ensure their understanding of essential concepts and skills.

Communications:  A One-Call will be made to all students and staff announcing the Commander Snow Day.  In addition, announcements will be placed on the district web page and Facebook page.


Staff will be available at the schools from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on all Commander Snow Days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information:

North Washington School: 859-375-4038

Washington County Middle: 859-336-5483

Washington County Elementary: 859-336-5490

Washington County High School: 859-336-5475

Washington County Board of Ed.: 859-336-5470