About the Principal

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January 2018

Here’s hoping your 2018

   Always finds you with a

      Positive attitude,

         Plenty of success, and

            Your support team readily available.


                Now is the time to

                   Extend your growth mindset and

                      WOW yourself and others on your ability to succeed.


                            You can learn something

                               Every day to help you

                                   Apply your strengths to

                                       Rock 2018!


August 2017

2017 – 2018 has started with a bang.  We are now WCES on the Hill and we excited to be in our new building.

As I have stated before, the beginning of school is so exciting for me and this year is no different!  We all have new rooms and areas this year in which to learn.  I am so proud of our staff, as they have worked to make this building so inviting for our students, our parents, and our community.  I do hope that you have an opportunity very soon to come see all the changes at WCES.

We have added new opportunities for parents to be involved with activities and committees this school year.  We work hard, each and every day to provide the best educational opportunities for our students and we want to strengthen our partnership with parents to further increase student achievement.  Please watch for letters home, monthly calendar announcements, One Calls, and web page updates to find ways for you to be involved at WCES.

We have a tremendous amount of work ahead of this year but I know we will work together to succeed in every way.  As always, if you need to reach me or have a question, my door is open.  You may also reach me at 859-336-5490 during school hours or through email anytime: jennifer.miller@washington.kyschools.us.

Looking forward to another GREAT year!

Jennifer Miller, WCES Principal