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I am originally from Dayton, Ohio, and I moved to Mackville 20 years ago when I married my husband, Gary Devine.  I have three children:  Tyler, Samantha, and Garrett.

In 1989, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Wright State University in Ohio.  In 1999, I completed Special Education Certification (LBD) at the University of Kentucky, and in 2004 I completed my Master’s Degree and Rank I in Educational Leadership also at the University of Kentucky.  My current certifications include:  k-12 Special Education, p-5 Elementary, Middle School Grades 5-9 English, Social Studies, and Science.

During the summer months, I am a contracted trainer for National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI)  and Advance Kentucky Laying the Foundation.  Through this, I get to travel and train teachers to provide middle school students with advanced placement curriculum.

I enjoy spending time with my family, and I am the proud Mamma of my grandson, Jackson.

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Phone:  859 375 4038  Ext 2013      Planning Period:  8:55-9:45