Welcome Students and Parents!

In 5th grade Social Studies, our main goals are to explore economics, government, geography, and American history.  Students will have an opportunity to experience many hands-on experiences including the Entrepreneur Fair, preparation for the Veteran’s Day ceremony, classroom debates, Legislative Pages, and many other exciting endeavors to engage in making of our great nation.  If you are interested in the standards covered in this course, you can find that information at Kentucky Department of Education, course code 702055.

In order to stay informed with your student’s progress in Social Studies, I encourage you to sign up for the Parent Portal.  This will give you up to date access of your student’s grade, assignment completion, and attendance.  Your student’s grade is an indication of their success through mastery of the content and completion of the work.  Our partnership will help hold your student accountable and ensure they have every opportunity to succeed in social studies content.  In an effort to streamline communication, I will be sending home a progress report on Fridays every week.  Attached to the report, there will be a homework packet that students will need to complete and will be due the next Friday.

Homework will be an important part of their progress.  Creating an evening routine and a space for students to complete their work at home will help to communicate the significance of the work to your child.  One suggestion would be to have a bin with extra paper, pencils, coloring pencils, and a folder for students to place their homework to be completed for the week.  Students can grab a snack after school and begin immediately.  If students need additional help with their work, I will arrive at school most days prior to 7:25 am.  Students may ask to come to my room and get assistance as needed with homework or questions they may have.  Early intervention will be key to their progress.

I am looking forward to instilling a love of history and respect for community and culture in our 5th graders this year!  My door is always open and, as a parent, if you need to contact me, please do not hesitate to do so.  My email address is Mickenzie.vincent@washington.kyschools.us or you may call 859-336-5490.  While your student is in my classroom, I will be busy teaching but, I will answer your email or message as soon as I possibly can.


Thank you for your support and trusting me with your child!





Mickenzie Vincent

5th Grade Social Studies Teacher