North Washington Students as Staff!

Wednesday’s safety focus was School Staff Members.  Counselors, Teachers, Principals and Staff members are here to help, offering a safe place and a listening ear for many different problems and situations.  Students enjoyed dressing like a staff member on this day!

dresslikeastaffmember9  dresslikeastaffmemember  dresslikeastaffmember12

staff2  dresslikeastaffmemember4  staff

dresslikeastaffmember6  dresslikeastaffmember14  dresslikeastaffmemember2

staff6  dresslikeastaffmember11  dresslikeastaffmember13

staff5  staff7  staff4

dresslikeastaffmember7  staff3  dresslikeastaffmemember3

olivia  staffff   stafff

ellie  hudson  dresslikeastaffmember5

staff10  staff11  staff16

staff15  staff14  staff13

staff8  staff12  staff9

dresslikeastaffmember8  delanna