North Washington Junior Beta students competed in many categories and earned high marks at both the school level and the state competition last week.  Congratulations to the following winners at the State Competition:

1.  Woodworking–3rd Place Noah Reynolds

2.  Advertising Design Team–3rd Place Carmen Logsdon, John Russell, Daniel Scott and Emily Roberts

3.  Speech–Final Round/Top 10 (out of 53 students)–Addison Byrd


Below is the list of winners at our school competition in the Visual Arts and Woodworking categories:

Black/White Photography:  1. Melina Cruz     2. Eliza Settles     3. Lybertee Boyd-Wren

Color Photography:  1. Melina Cruz     2. Ayla Parimore     3. Daylee Hood

Digital Art:  1. Brady Smith

Fiber Arts:  1. Stacey Nally

Handmade Jewelry:  1. Gracie Hawkins

Painting:  1. Emily Roberts     2. Kate Lewis     3. Alexis Yaste

Charcoal/Pastels:  1. Grace Derringer     2. Emily Hill

Pen/Pencil/Ink:  1. Lybertee Boyd-Wren     2. Emily Hill     3. Carla Roberts

Recyclable Art:  1. Cambron Graves     2. Ethan Preston     3. Morgan Thompson

Sculpture:  1. Isabella Woodson

Wreath:  1. Melina Cruz

Woodworking:  1. Noah Reynolds     2. Lincoln Smith     3. Owen Burkhead

We are very proud of all the Junior Beta members’ hard work and give a special shout out to their awesome coaches, Mrs. Allison Carney and Mrs. Holli White!

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