Remote Learning

Students enrolled in WCS Remote Learning Program will receive daily instruction through an online platform.

This option should not be confused with the Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) provided during the emergency school closures of Spring 2020. NTI will be used for short-term closures for the 20-21 school year such as snow days or restrictions related to public health guidelines. Additionally, paper packets will likely not be a part of the Remote Learning Program unless it is for an early primary class.

This school is designed for families who do not feel it is in the best interest of their child’s health to return to the school building. To ensure that WCS Remote Learning Program is commensurate with traditional learning, please know that the level of expectation and accountability will resemble that of the traditional classroom. Our goal is to provide equitable instruction to students at home and in school.

Expectations for the Remote Learning Program

  • High quality internet (consider if you were able to stream videos and use Zoom consistently during NTI, then your internet should work for online school)

  • Students will be enrolled in the Remote Learning Program for the entire 9 weeks/quarter

  • Use of a reliable device, like Chromebook, laptop or desktop computer. Cell phones will not allow students to complete the level of work needed for this learning choice

  • Attendance will be monitored in online classes as scheduled

  • Participation in assignments from classes on your schedule will be required

  • Consistent communication and feedback between teacher, student, and parents

  • Students and Parents will be required to sign a Remote Learning Contract
  • Note: Teachers will be district-wide teachers and the assigned teacher will not necessarily be from your child’s school


Extracurricular Activities

  • Students may participate in after school activities if they meet eligibility requirements as allowed by KDE


Support for Families

  • Partnership between parents and teachers will be key to student success in the Remote Learning Program

  • Tips and strategies to support students learning off campus

  • Support from teachers to meet student needs during set hours

  • Parent training on tools to be frequently used by students

  • Meals are still provided for free to students but must be picked up at a designated time and location.