What’s It Like in 2nd Grade?

We all wonder what the year will be like for our kids when they transition from one grade level to another.  This great article from Scholastic gives some insight on what to expect in second grade! What’s It Like in Second Grade

boy getting physical therapy

Learn More About…the Michelle P. Waiver

The Michelle P. Waiver is a home- and community-based waiver program of the Kentucky Medicaid program developed as an alternative to institutional care for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The waiver allows individuals to remain in their homes with services and supports.  Learn more here: Michelle P Waiver

child frustrated with reading

Learn More About…Dyslexia

According to www.understood.org, “Dyslexia is a disorder that inhibits the process of learning to read with fluency and lucidity. Dyslexia is believed to affect between 5 to 10 percent of the world’s population, although there is a lack of conclusive evidence in this regard. Dyslexia as a disorder basically makes it difficult for a child to read and find way through Math problems. An easy way to understand dyslexia would…

parent reading to child

Is Your Child “Reading Ready” For Kindergarten?

Kindergarten isn’t what it used to be! Is your child ready? Helping them learn these reading readiness skills before they start Kindergarten will help ensure they “hit the ground running” when the time comes.   Reading Readiness for Kindergarten  

boy working with math manipulatives

How To Help Your Child Develop Number Sense

Number Sense is one of the most important tools you can give your young child.  Think about this…math is essentially a series of building blocks being stacked on top of one another.  Without those first blocks to use as a foundation, the rest of the blocks will never be steady or secure.  Number sense is what those first blocks are made of.  It’s easy to incorporate number sense into everyday…