I am Shanna Letner, the Spanish teacher at Washington County High School.  I teach Spanish I and II.  This is my 8th year teaching and my fourth year at WCHS.  I received my MAT from the University of Louisville and Bachelor’s from Western Kentucky University.  I am a wife and mother of 3 children so I know what it is like to have students taking a foreign language as well.  Everyone asks if I am a native Spanish speaker and I am not.  I learned Spanish in the classroom as a second language.  The benefit of learning Spanish as a second language is that most of my students are learning Spanish as their second language as well so I can empathize with them.  I know the struggles that I faced and what was most difficult for me so I can caution my students and help them through the struggles.  I realize that learning a second language can be difficult and frustrating at times but in the end it is very rewarding and it can even be fun.  It is my goal to encourage students to be self-motivated and find their own reason for learning Spanish.  I feel that if they are self-motivated and have an individual goal, learning will come easier for them.  I follow the Kentucky World Language standards and the name of the textbook that I use is “Avancemos.”  The textbook can be accessed online at my.hrw.com.  If you have questions or concerns, you may e-mail me at shanna.letner@washington.kyschools.us or call the school: (859)336-5475.