Handy Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are an excellent way to be more efficient when accomplishing every day tasks. Below, you will find some shortcuts we find most useful and use daily. For a comprehensive list of Windows shortcuts, you may refer to Microsoft’s listing.

  1. Open quick launch items with your keyboard by using the flag key + numbers 1-9.


  2. Open File Explorer using your keyboard by pressing the flag key + “E” simultaneously.


  3. Change your projection mode by pressing the flag key + “P” simultaneously.

  4. Use ALT+TAB to switch between open programs. Each press of the tab key cycles to a different program.

  5. Lock your computer quickly by pressing the flag key + “L” simultaneously.

  6. Use CTRL + “S” to save your work.

  7. Use CTRL + “Z” to undo your last action.

  8. Use CTRL + “Y” to redo your last undone action.

  9. Use CTRL + “C” to copy highlighted text or files.

  10. Use CTRL + “X” to cut highlighted text or files.

  11. Use CTRL + “P” to print your currently open file or web page.