Keyboard shortcuts are an excellent way to be more efficient when accomplishing every day tasks. Below, you will find some shortcuts we find most useful and use daily. For a comprehensive list of Windows shortcuts, you may refer to Microsoft’s listing.

  1. Open quick launch items with your keyboard by using the flag key + numbers 1-9.


  2. Open File Explorer using your keyboard by pressing the flag key + “E” simultaneously.


  3. Change your projection mode by pressing the flag key + “P” simultaneously.

  4. Use ALT+TAB to switch between open programs. Each press of the tab key cycles to a different program.

  5. Lock your computer quickly by pressing the flag key + “L” simultaneously.

  6. Use CTRL + “S” to save your work.

  7. Use CTRL + “Z” to undo your last action.

  8. Use CTRL + “Y” to redo your last undone action.

  9. Use CTRL + “C” to copy highlighted text or files.

  10. Use CTRL + “X” to cut highlighted text or files.

  11. Use CTRL + “P” to print your currently open file or web page.