Drama by George to Return to WCES

Drama by George will be at WCES on October 20th to complete bully prevention and resilience programs. For grades K-2,  he will be doing Stories Alive (version 2) and for grades 3-5, he will be doing the Grit Game Show. 

Stories Alive! is a fresh approach to the age-old tradition of storytelling. Classic and contemporary tales both spring to life as storyteller George Halitzka put your students in the spotlight for a high-energy, interactive assembly program. George combines audience participation, compelling narratives, and a unique, dramatic style into one exciting program. During the show, he’ll bring a wide range of stories vividly to life — from fairy tales to true stories from his own experience. Plus, every performance has a character education connection. 

The Grit Game Show is a motivational assembly about resilience where your students become contestants in an onstage game show! We equip kids to keep going when the going gets tough. During our assembly, student volunteers will compete in these onstage games.

The students had a great time with this last year and we look forward to seeing these programs again!