On October 17th the Safe Schools Weeks focus was S.T.O.P. (The S.T.O.P Tipline is a safe place to report bullying, violence, and other problems). Students were able to wear red and white like a stop sign! The students did a great job dressing the part!82F590BC-65CC-48D3-9CDD-A2734C14A281 653879D4-6125-4E81-AAF3-9369AC95126D B67CD448-0005-4CB0-AA69-463B392F8C72 5C795E0B-6B14-4A5E-AAC1-1B48AD51924A CF6420CC-9D03-4BC5-B8F3-B16250A2A565 5A164B30-1C0F-4B4C-8354-8B08DD1CCC2E DC6A9416-A0C5-4163-998F-039510DA5657 AA3D7443-B18F-418E-AEF4-039F8F4009F4