The Kentucky Center for School Safety held this year’s KY Safe Schools Week October 15-21, 2017.  This year’s theme,  “Together we can “Get Involved and Get it Solved” STOP the Bullying!” encouraged every student, every educator, and all staff to roll up their sleeves, lace up their shoes, and “Get Involved” in activities to reduce the bullying at their schools.

 During Kentucky Safe Schools Week, WCES students and staff got creative in their stand against bullying!

Mrs. Vincent’s students created a list of what a bully is and how they can put an end to bullying. They created a chain to show they will stand together to stop bullying in our school.

vincent safe schools


Mrs. Metcalf’s students did a conga line about WCES not doing drugs. They each made up their own conga line chant, too.

metcalf safe schools 1 metcalf safe schools 2 metcalf safe schools 3

Mrs. Riney’s students discussed how they hold the “keys” to preventing bullying.  Students thought of phrases to say to others to make them feel safe and protected.

They wrote them on the keys and posted them on the Friendship Door.

riney safe schools


Mrs. Jenna Smith’s class made a chain to show that we work together as one big family to help everyone feel included in all activities.

jenna smith safe schools

Mrs. Woods’ students show they are linked together and work together to stop bullying.
Mrs Woods class
woods4 woods3 woods2
Mrs. L. Smith’s students wrote ideas on how to stop bullying then built a wall to stop bullying.
L Smiths bullying wall
Mrs. Noel’s class made Keys to Kindness to remind each other how to be a good friend.
Noel's Keys to Kindness