T.J. Yates is no stranger to the Washington Co Spelling Bee. He stated that he was the representative from WCES last year, as a 4th grader, and knew what to expect this year, as a 5th grader.  At first, he said he was a little nervous about this year’s competition because he was competing against students in 6th and 7th grades.  However, he said he was confident when he heard the winning word, lethargy, because “I had studied this word and knew how to spell it.”  T.J. said, “I am happy that I won and I’m excited to compete in the state competition.  Winning would be a big honor.”  T.J. will compete in Louisville, March 17, at the KY Center for the Arts.  According to the Ford Motor Company Spelling Bee website, winners from KY and southern IN county competitions, compete for the top five positions to receive savings bonds from the KY Derby Festival Foundation.  The overall champion gets to ride on the Winner’s Float in the Republic Bank Pegasus® Parade.
WCES is very proud of T.J.’s hard work and accomplishments and wish him continued success at the spelling be in March.