WCMS Students of the Month——-February 2018

Hailey Medley- 6th Grade


WCMS 6th grade student of the month is Hailey Medley: Hailey is the daughter of Holly Medley and Davis Riggs. Hailey’s favorite teachers are Mr. Mudd and Mrs. Mackin.  Her favorite subject is Math. Hailey’s favorite school activity includes playing games in class to prepare for tests. When Hailey is at school, she enjoys talking to friends and teachers. When Hailey graduates from high school, she wants to become a pharmacist.

Kyle Campbell- 7th Grade

WCMS 7th grade student of the month is Kyle Campbell: Kyle is the son of Jody and Billy Campbell. His favorite teacher is Mr. Tingle.  Kyle’s favorite class in P.E.  His favorite school activity is football. When Kyle is at school, he enjoys participating in PE.  Kyle’s special interest/hobby is playing basketball.  When Kyle graduates from high school, he plans to attend college.

Kaliyah Edelen- 8th Grade

WCMS 8th grade student of the month is Kaliyah Edelen: Kaliyah is the daughter of Jerri and Stewart Churchill.  Her favorite teacher is Mr. Mudd.  Kaliyah’s favorite subjects are Science and Social Studies. She participates in Beta and volleyball. Kaliyah’s special interest/hobby is playing volleyball. When she is at school, she enjoys learning and playing sports.  When Kaliyah graduates from high school, she plans to play volleyball for the University of Louisville.