6th Grade Student of the Month is Beau Baker:  Beau is the son of Derek and Christy Baker.  His favorite teachers are Ms. Hahn and Mrs. Mackin and his favorite subjects are Science, PE, Pride, and Study Skills. Beau’s school activities include basketball, baseball, and Beta. While he is at school, he enjoys talking to friends.  Beau’s interest/hobby is playing sports and playing Fortnite. When Beau graduates, he wants to fulfill his dream by attending college and playing sports.

Beau Baker- 6th Grade

7th Grade Student of the Month is Eva Abell: Eva is the daughter of Nichole and Billy Abell.  Her favorite teachers are Ms. Bowen, Mrs. Mackin, and Mrs. Hoppes and her favorite subjects are Math, Science, and Social Studies.  While Eva is at school, she enjoys getting to meet new students, enjoys PLC, and likes to stand up for friends in need.  Eva’s special interests/ hobbies include making comics, writing stories, and looking through social media.  When Eva graduates, she wants to become a writer/novelist.

Eva Abell- 7th Grade

8th Grade Student of the Month is Molly Shumate: Molly is the daughter of Terri Lynn and David Shumate.  Her favorite teachers are Ms. Bowen and Ms. Hahn and her favorite subject is Math.  While Molly is at school, she enjoys being with her friends.  Her favorite school activities include volleyball, beta, and STLP.  Molly’s special interests/hobbies are riding four-wheelers, playing volleyball, and snapchatting.  When Molly graduates, she wants to go to college and become a business owner.

Molly Shumate- 8th Grade