FRYSC promoted Child Abuse Prevention Month this year by having staff and students show their support. The winning posters are displayed at the Washington County Public Library. Mrs. Burn’s middle school students paired in teams to illustrate the importance of Child Abuse Awareness. The Washington County Homemakers judged the posters and selected winners. The WCES/WCMS teachers are creating the blue ribbon which signifies our support Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky.722DE288-D3AE-4039-A22F-85DC90B8786A 7BD91B69-C40F-417B-AC3A-11B476F95B88 FAAFAB57-2815-4177-B904-A47DB9F1D776 B68BD46D-A472-4446-9C0B-B643576FF5CC A4AAF199-3B5F-4AEF-85CC-4584B6F18C40