WCMS Student of the Month- August 2018

6th Grade Student of the Month is Abby Nalley: Abby is the daughter of Jeremy and Melissa Nalley. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Mudd and Ms. Bowen and his favorite subjects are Math and Social Studies. Abby participates in Band is interested in playing volleyball in the fall. While she is at school, she enjoys hanging out with friends and doing fun projects at school. Abby’s interests/hobbies are hanging out with friends and doing makeup. When Abby graduates, she wants to attend Cosmology School and own her own salon.


7th Grade Student of the Month is Lamont Estes: Lamont is the son of Phyllis Grugel. He likes all teachers at WCMS. Lamont’s favorite subjects include PE and Science. While Lamont is at school, he enjoys doing math and science and enjoys hanging out with his friends. His special interests/ hobbies include fishing, riding mountain bikes, and playing with his sister Aubrey and Justin. When Lamont graduates, he wants to become a Scientist of Technician.

8th Grade Student of the Month is Ethan Bunch: Ethan is the son of Clifton Bunch and Rain Carney. His favorite teachers are Mrs. Bartley and Ms. Hahn and his favorite subject is Math. While Ethan is at school, she enjoys playing basketball and learning. Ethan’s special interests/hobbies include fishing, hunting, and farming. When Ethan graduates, he wants to drive a dump truck.