6th Grade Student of the Month is Whitley Young:  Whitley is the daughter of Laura Chesser and Billy Joe Young. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Mudd, Mrs. Burkhead, Mrs. P.K., and Ms. Bowen and her favorite subjects are Reading and Science. Whitley enjoys P.E., Art, and Music. While she is at school, she enjoys seeing her friend and learning.  Whitley’s interests/hobbies are gymnastics, singing, and hanging out with friends. When Whitley graduates, she wants to create her own groomer pet clinic.



7th Grade Student of the Month is Alexander Washburn: Alexander is the son of Deanna and James Washburn.  His favorite teacher is Mrs. Bartley. Alexander’s favorite subjects include Reading and Science.  While Alexander is at school, he enjoys seeing friends, reading and even making new friends.  His special interests/ hobbies include playing games and helping others.  When Alexander graduates, he wants to go to college and study chemistry.  










8th Grade Student of the Month is Mary Wimsatt: Mary is the daughter of Leigh and Michael Wimsatt.  She likes all teachers at WCMS and her favorite classes or Band, Social Studies, and Science.  While Mary is at school, she enjoys seeing different people every day.  Mary’s special interest/hobby is reading.  When Mary graduates, she wants to study Zoology.